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What to Expect From Get Fit Weight Loss & Fitness Boot Camp

The term "boot camp" might conjure images from the movie "Officer and a Gentleman" where a drill instructor, played by Lou Gossett, verbally abused new recruit, Richard Gere daily (who can forget "the two things that come from Oklahoma"). While this is a stereotypical portrayal of military training camps, weight loss boot camp is a bit tamer. Although, in either place one might hear the admonition to "drop and give me 50!" These days you are more likely to see celebrities in the press singing the praises of their new found curves & muscles gained at a weeks intensive bootcamp.

Bootcamp has become a popular way for out-of-shape men and women to shed a few pounds and firm up those places on the body where the laws of gravity are being enforced and most importantly GET FIT. Activities will vary based on fitness objectives and temperament of the instructor. However, most will take place outside, most will involve cardiovascular training such as running, interval training or obstacle challenges and most will include strength training that employs weights, exercise bands and weight resistance training. Flexibility training, Pilates and yoga are also included in some camps.

Bootcamp is conducted over a specific number of days at a set time – usually at some ungodly early hour! Some of the most successful formats in the U.K. are camps that last from 3-7 days and these have proven to be an excellent "jump start" to an ongoing fitness regimen. These sessions focus on core training, proper breathing and exercise form. For many, the group aspect of the camp – where every participant is involved in overcoming the stress of physical exercise together – is an important part of the training.

The personality of the leader of a fitness boot camp sets the tone for the sessions. Thankfully, most of the fitness boot camp leaders who aspired to emulate Lou Gossett wont be found at our bootcamps. Everyone wants to be challenged but no one wants to be verbally and physically abused so fear not, we're here to help and make you a stronger fitter happier camper.

The most interesting aspect of our fitness & weight loss boot camp is its psychological impact on participants. Many trainers feel that weight loss boot camps bring about meaningful fitness changes in part because of the camaraderie that develops among the group. As in a military boot camp, when a group of strangers is forced to overcome adversity, there is a bonding effect which makes the training more bearable and even exhilarating. You'll leave feeling fitter, healthier and more confident in your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the future. Whats more you'll also make new friends along the way!